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Episode 57

Subject To: Creative Financing

In this episode, John and Kyle discuss the concept of “Subject To” creative financing,

which involves taking over the existing financing of a property. They explain that

subject-to financing is particularly relevant in the current market due to high interest

rates and inflated property values, and emphasize the importance of caution and

proper legal guidance when engaging in subject-to deals, as there are risks involved for

both the buyer and the seller.

Key Takeaways:

• Subject-to financing allows buyers to take over the existing financing of a property,

which can be advantageous in a high-interest rate environment.

• Subject-to deals should be approached with caution and involve proper legal

guidance to mitigate risks.

• The due-on-sale clause is a common concern, but it is similar to transferring a

property to an LLC and can be managed through negotiation and terms.


"Subject-to financing is a creative strategy that can be beneficial in a high-interest rate

market." - Kyle Teixeira

"Get people involved who have experience with subject-to deals to avoid potential

pitfalls." - John Teixeira

Get the full details on how Subject To works in this episode.

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