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Episode 58

Market Update With Trever Kerr from Gateway Mortgage

In this episode, John and Kyle are joined by Trever Kerr from Gateway Mortgage to

discuss loan assumptions and provide a market update on the mortgage and real

estate industry. They explain that loan assumptions can be a valuable option for both

sellers and buyers, allowing sellers to stand out in a competitive market and buyers to

secure a low-interest rate loan. They also discuss the current interest rate trends and

advise against waiting for rates to decrease, as the market may change and prices

could increase. The key message is to focus on building wealth through real estate and

not get caught up in the details of interest rates.

Key Takeaways:

• Loan assumptions have become more common in the current market, offering buyers

and sellers unique financing opportunities.

• Government loans, such as FHA, VA, and USDA loans, are typically assumable, while

conventional loans are not.

• Sellers should check if their loan is assumable before listing their home, as it can

make their property more attractive to buyers.

• Buyers should not wait for interest rates to decrease before purchasing a home, as

the market may change, resulting in higher prices.

• Real estate is a long-term wealth-building strategy, and buyers should focus on the

bigger picture rather than getting caught up in interest rates.


"Assumptions is definitely something that people need to consider." - Trever Kerr

"You might have that beautiful 2% high 2% interest rate that's a lot better than what

the current market rates are." - Trever Kerr

"Assuming a loan can help buyers qualify for a house they otherwise wouldn't qualify

for." - Trever Kerr

Get the full details on how assumable loans work in this episode.

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