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Episode 75

Protesting Your Property Tax in Texas

In this episode, John and Kyle dive into protesting your property tax in Texas. With an

evident proficiency in understanding property taxes and the intricate systems

surrounding them, he brings to the table valuable insights particularly focused on the

Texas market. Their combined knowledge presents a powerful duo capable of

educating and guiding property owners on the importance of protesting property taxes

and navigating the system effectively.


•"It's either you send it to the tax authority or you give a portion of it to someone to do

the service that saves you that money." - Kyle discussing the practicality of hiring

professional protest services.

•"This appraisal review board, to some people, feels like it might be an intimidating

process, like a courtroom. And while it is probably a setting somewhat like that, you

probably go into a room with a large desk and maybe it's a little bit intimidating, but it

doesn't have to be.” - John on feeling intimidated during your protest hearing.

•"This is like everything else. This is like, we talk a lot about managing your own

property versus hiring a property manager. Should I defend myself in a courtroom or

hire a lawyer? Should I do my own brain surgery or hire a brain surgeon? I mean, you

know, who's going do this best?”- John on hiring an appraiser.

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