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Episode 76

Fear Of Rent Increases

In this episode, John and Kyle dive into the common but often mishandled issue that

landlords face: the fear of rent increases. Our hosts dive deep into the reasons behind

this fear and the consequences that arise from neglecting market rate adjustments.

The episode opens up a crucial dialogue for property owners about the emotional and

financial implications of effective rent management.

Kyle and John discuss the emotional factors that cause landlords to avoid raising rent,

such as avoiding conflict and fear of losing tenants. They dissect the repercussions of

such decisions, emphasizing how it detrimentally affects landlords’ returns and

potentially the property market itself. With a blend of humor and sternness, they

debunk the myths around rent increases and encourage landlords to approach their

investment with a rational and systems-based mindset.


• ”So it's really common when we talk to owners that have been marketing their own

properties to hear that, oh, I know that my rent is not where it should be because I've

had these tenants for a long time. They're really good people. I don't want to lose

tenants. So I've been afraid to raise their rent.”

• "They make decisions based in emotion and fear.”

• "You're likely going to lose that tenant because you just went from $1,000 to $1,500,

and they probably don't have an AC unit at the same time."

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