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Episode 63

Will AIRBNB Cause A Real Estate Crash?

In this episode, John and Kyle discuss a recent tweet by Robert Kiyosaki, the author

of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," in which he claims that Airbnb will lead to a real estate

market crash. They analyze the statement and provide their own perspective on the

matter. While they acknowledge that there has been a correction in the short-term

rental market, they argue that it is not a crash and that Kiyosaki's prediction is

exaggerated. They emphasize the importance of clarifying such statements to prevent

misinformation from spreading.

Key Takeaways:

Robert Kiyosaki's tweet about Airbnb causing a real estate market crash has gained

attention, but it is an exaggerated claim. The recent correction in the short-term rental

market does not necessarily indicate a crash in the overall real estate market. It is

important to critically evaluate statements made by well-known figures and not take

them at face value.


"The answer is no. Just no." - John Teixeira

"The reason why I was even apprised of this statement is because I had at least two

different people tell me about what Robert Kiyosaki is saying." - John Teixeira

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