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Episode 65

The Summer of 23'

In this episode, John and Kyle discuss the extreme weather conditions experienced

during the summer of 2023 in North Texas. They explain how the combination of a 100-

day heat wave, flash flooding, and a freeze had a significant impact on properties,

particularly those with clay foundations. They emphasize the importance of consistent

moisture around homes to protect against foundation damage and broken drain pipes.

They also discuss the potential consequences of neglecting these issues and offer

solutions such as using soaker hoses and watering systems.


“Clay can cause so many problems in this scenario because we've pulled drains out

where one of the breaks showed its ugly head.” - Kyle

“Watering your foundation is probably the most important maintenance item you can

do.” - Kyle

“If the brake is underneath the slab and water is pouring under the slab, you will

literally have an expansion of that slab and what we call up heaving. And that is

probably the most expensive foundation repair that you can do.” - John

Key Takeaways:

•Extreme weather conditions, such as a 100-day heat wave, flash flooding, and a

freeze, can have a detrimental effect on properties with clay foundations.

• Consistent moisture around homes is crucial to prevent foundation damage and

broken drain pipes.

• Neglecting foundation and drain pipe issues can lead to more expensive repairs in the


• Soaker hoses and watering systems can help maintain consistent moisture levels and

protect against damage.

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