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Episode 28

How Rising Interest Rates Affect Rents

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Do interest rates correlate with rents? If interest rates go up, affordability of the house rises as

well. Getting qualified at 3% let’s you purchase a certain amount; a significantly different

amount than getting qualified at 6%. If you get pushed out of the purchase amount due to

rising interest rates where does that land you?


There is a vast amount of ways in today's world to build wealth using real estate and investing, not just in property, but in yourself!

Located in the DFW Metroplex, John Teixeira & Kyle Teixeira of Teixeira Property Management will be bringing you all the knowledge and experience we can provide you with the confidence to achieve your investment goals, or how and why to create them. Now, while we have a ton to share, we will be bringing you interviews as well with some of our clients, industry partners, experienced investors, and much more every week!

We look forward to sharing the knowledge everyone needs about arguably the greatest investment vehicle that is available to the masses, Real Estate. Knowledge is powerful, and we intend to give you as much power as we can. It's not always about the how, but also the why, and we will be digging into it all here every week!

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